Cas Abao Beach

Cas Abao Beach is rated as one of the 25 most beautiful beaches of the Americas. This honor is due to its clear blue water, its luscious sandy beach, splendid view and its teeming wild life.

When arriving at the beach you will be astonished by the view of the clear blue ocean merging into the sky. On extra-clear days you can even see the mountains of Venezuela in the distance. The beach is bordered on both sides by high cliffs overgrown with columnar cacti in the most beautiful shapes. These give the splendid sunsets something extra special.

The beach itself is one of the few truly sandy beaches of Curaçao. After the last guests leave the beach is cleaned every day to prepare for the next day. Barbecue is prohibited to ensure the beach will stay clean. Shade is provided by full-grown palm trees and palapas (beach huts with straw roofs), so after you are done tanning you can relax in the shade. Lounge chairs are available.

Of course, the clear water supports plenty of underwater life, making it a great spot to snorkel and dive. Regular visitors to the Cas Abao reef are: all varieties of parrot fish, stingrays, moray eels, trunk fishes, sergeant majors and a lot more. If you’re lucky, you can even see sea horses and turtles. The sea floor near the beach is littered with all kinds of hard and soft coral, sponges and sea plumes.